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5 Thanksgiving Gift Recommendations from Our Special Liquor Collection

by Liquor Wine Time

 'And it's my favorite time of year!'

The Florin Street Band sang that, and we believe that we're in one accord on this! These few months will round up the year 2020, and we couldn't be gladder to bid adieu to quite a dark period of our collective lives.

With Christmas, Hanukkah, and Thanksgiving around the corner, it's time to think about presents for family,  good friends and close confidantes all year round. 

What better way to appreciate the love we have received from them than to present them with something expensive, exquisite, and completely exclusive? We recommend you look at the quality of the gift, instead of the price tag. 

If the person you are planning to surprise loves liquor, especially scotch, then we have the best suggestions for you. All of these liquors listed are highly rated, so rest assured that you are choosing something worth your while. 

Pick these as gifts only if you are confident the receivers will appreciate it. 

1. Bunnahabhain 25 Year Scotch Whiskey 750ml


The 2019 winner for the Best Islay Single Malt, Bunnahabhain, comes in a beautiful dark brown cover, and the bottle is equally stolid-looking. Visually, you have got a brilliant looking item on your hands. 

Next, let's discuss the aroma and taste. The note is sherried, followed by sweet toffee and leather, which neatly segue into cinnamon and the slightest smattering of cardamom. But when the scotch hits the mouth, you experience something close to euphoria. Roasted malt, chestnuts, and the taste of sweet raisins follow the first note of fruit compote, balancing a dancing display of nutty and sweet flavors. 

Gift this beauty to someone worth their weight in gold. 

Price - $800 approximately

2. Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Old Scotch Whiskey 750ml


Coming to you from the glorious first family of scotch, the Glenfiddich Excellence 26 is for that rare specimen who helped to put you up in life. Think father, uncle, brother, godfather, grandfather. These men deserve something spectacular to sip on, and there is nothing better than this particular brand of scotch. 

The aroma is fruity. Vanilla, green fruits, and passion fruit make up the secondary notes, and the drumroll ends with some floral jasmine highlights. 

When the whiskey hits the palate, it scores high. Pineapple, liquorice, vanilla, toffee with spices of nutmeg and cinnamon wash the mouth and fill it with unique sensations. Choose this and you will not regret the price tag. 

Price - $600 approximately

3. Balvenie Tun 1509 Batch 6 Scotch Whiskey 750ml


Want something classy under $500? Balvenie Tun 1509 Batch 6 is the single malt beauty to gift in this price bracket. The malt master at Balvenie oversees this golden honey-colored libation from Speyside, Scotland as it ages in casks that previously held sherry and bourbon. The nose starts with soft brown sugar, toffee, honey, and ginger oak spices. Inhale the delicate melody. 

Time to take a sip! The major players on the pitch of your tongue are honey, candied orange, with just a smidge of maple syrup. It finishes sweet and malty. Not to forget vanilla and spice flavors which end the entire orchestration. 

Gift this to your boss or a colleague at work, and it will be a jewel in their collection.

Price - $430 approximately


4. Macallan 18 Years Sherry Oak Scotch 750ml


For good old friends, reserve this eighteen-year-old wild child. Macallan says the oak caskets are from Jerez, Spain, so think of the nature of intense love that has gone into making this beauty. The color is light mahogany, and the taste is sublime. 

When you unseal a bottle, the scent that hits you is laden with dried fruits and ginger. Going further, notes of vanilla and cinnamon waft in. The first taste is a sip of heaven. Spice, clove, orange, and mature toasted oak are the chief culprits behind the distilling genius. 

The finish is lingering and has shades of dried fruits, ginger, and orange zest. 

Raise a toast to any decades-long friendships you may have. 

Price - $330 approximately 

5. Springbank 18 Year Single Malt Scotch Whiskey


Coming to you from the whiskey capital of the country, Campbeltown, this eighteen-year-old is ready to take the world in its stride. While still new, this brand has pleasing flavors and aromas on its side. 

It starts off simple with a taste of toasted bananas and honey. When it hits the mouth, the hints of pine, citrus, and aniseed tantalize the taste buds. It's got a long salty finish with chocolate caramel undertones. Keep this aside for those family and friends who are near and dear to you. 

Give them the best. Give them Springbank. 

Price - $250 approximately

Surprise your family and friends with any of these luscious and tempting usquebaughs (yup, that's Scottish for whiskey). They will fall in love with the whole Scotch tradition of drinking these potions made from barley. 



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