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6 Unique Ways to Celebrate Christmas in 2020

by Liquor Wine Time


As Santa is busy poring over his list of the good and naughty kids, let’s take these few weeks to come together as families and celebrate Christmas at home.  

Staying home does not have to be boring; and here are 6 ways how you can spice up your Christmas celebrations this year (with a hefty dose of Christmas cocktails, of course!)

Take a look!

Prepare the Same Brunch Over Video Call

Not being able to visit your parents? No problem!

Schedule a video call on Christmas morning and plan to cook a lavish brunch spread, that you can enjoy at your respective homes. Prepare quiches, casseroles, waffles, pancakes, coffee cakes and go the whole nine yards in the kitchen.


Also, since brunch is incomplete without some good cocktails on the side, here’s a recipe for a pisco sour!


  • Pisco- 2 ½ oz
  • Lemon and lime juice-1/2 oz each
  • Simple syrup-1 oz
  • Angostura bitters- 3-4 drops


This one’s a breeze. Use a pre-chilled medium-sized mixer and pour in everything except the bitters. Once shaken vigorously, add a few more drops of syrup and pour into Collins glass. The bitters go on top; with their Caribbean punch and palate-cleaning properties, they make for a great addition to the cocktail.

Make a Call to Santa

With the prolonged nightmare of Covid-19 keeping kids stuck at home, this years’ schedule of meeting Santa stands canceled for most.

But does it?

While kids might not be able to meet Saint Nick in person this year, you can arrange for your child to speak to Santa over the phone on Christmas day! 


Also treat yourself to a classic Ramos Gin Fizz.

Here’s the recipe for your books.


  • Gin-2 oz
  • Lemon and lime juice- 1 tablespoon each
  • Cream- 1 oz
  • 1 egg white
  • Club soda - per your discretion
  • Orange-blossom water - 3 to 4 drops


Take all the ingredients barring the orange blossom in a medium-sized cocktail mixer and shake vigorously. Do not add any ice at this stage. Cue orange blossom drops just before you start pouring.

Line up chilled Collins glasses and strain the mixture. Add ice cubes and top up with club soda.

While this cocktail may appear as something meant for summer months, with its frothy and signature light-yellow color, it can be a superb drink to prepare during Christmas morning.

Game Sessions Over Video Chat?

Winter is here and you are probably eyeing your Monopoly set wistfully, thinking about how it will gather dust this year as it sits neglected on the 25th.


Well, why not plan a few games sessions with your cousins over video call? 

Trivia, escape rooms, scavenger hunts, or Kahoot, you can play them all virtually with a bit of planning.

Also, do not forget the drinking games either! 

Never have I ever, would you rather, Quiplash, Truth or Shots – you can play all these and more with your favorite group of people. But, for this, do not forget to keep a few bottles of Jose Cuervo handy!


Arrange for Karaoke Night

Can’t visit your favorite club? No, problem!

Bring the club’s karaoke night to your house this Christmas.

Hire a karaoke machine and sing the day away with your family and friends. For good measure, do not forget to serve a bunch of White Russians, for that authentic feeling of being in a club.



Here’s the recipe to concoct a mean White Russian –


  • 1½ oz of vodka (Smirnoff No. 21 does rather fine).
  • Kahlua Coffee Liqueur- ¾ oz.
  • Heavy cream- 2 full oz (yes, it’s sinful and you’ll like it!).


Mix everything in a chilled mixer and shake till you can’t shake anymore. Strain into any long-stemmed and chilled glass, and add generous amounts of cream.


5. Christmas Movie Marathon

While not an entirely unique idea, this year’s Christmas movie marathon has to be planned a little differently. Since you are all stuck at your respective homes, you can host a virtual watch party for everyone.

Bring out all the Christmas classics – How the Grinch Stole the Christmas, The Polar Express, Jingle All the Way, and maybe even Die Hard (Det. Jake Peralta swears by it) and plan your schedule ahead of time.



Plenty of popcorn, Christmassy snacks and a few bottles of red wine (a Sauvignon or Merlot works perfectly) – your watch party will be a guaranteed success!

6.Visit a Drive-Through Light Exhibit

Finally, if you are tired of staying indoors, take your car out to check the local drive-through light exhibits.

However, make sure to stay inside your car and return home at the earliest for a cozy nightcap. 



You can then pour out two glasses of the best bourbon and toast the good health of your family as the day finally draws to an end.

So, while Christmas is different this year, it does not have to be a sad affair. It is the time when we must be thankful and spare a thought for all those we love and who love us back.

To quote Benjamin Franklin, “A good conscience is a continual Christmas.”

Very apt for such a disastrous year, is it not?

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