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7 Best Bourbon Brands in 2021 – Here’s What You Need to Sample Immediately!

by Yajush Sharma


Missing that flavorful blend of rich sweetness and note of smokiness from charred oak, reminiscent of woods and fireflies?

Ask for season’s best bourbon, lo and behold, you will be directed to a miscellany of this beverage! From those four dozen different bottlings, how exactly are you supposed to choose the finest?

Fret not. We are here to make that decision easier for you!

Here’s what you should stock up on before the festive season begins -

Buffalo Trace

The Buffalo Trace distillery has never failed to bring out premium quality bourbon. It is incredibly flavorful with “Caramel” and “Spicy” being its regular sell out. The notes of its taste finish smooth and long, making you yearn for more.  

Buffalo Trace also churns out an Antique Collection that finds a huge demand among discerning buyers. This William Larue Weller annual release usually commands a hefty price tag. However, don’t let the cost be a dampener. Once sampled, it is bound to take the place of pride in your house.



Before place sourcing became the rage, Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon was already dominating the scene. After all, it is credited with putting “single barrel” on a connoisseur’s map, and firmly so.

Its distillation rests on a much higher proportion of corn and offers more in terms of spice and fruit. The strong vanilla notes bring out that latent aroma of nutmeg and honey. Add to it the perfect amalgamation of char and caramel, and it is hard to lose the flavor. 

This masterstroke by Distiller Elmer T. Lee in 1984 ensured that the single barrel bourbon made a space of its own with well-distinguished palates.


Cutwater Spirit Devil Share

If you are looking forward to a cozy night in, Devil's Share is the perfect companion. It will lead gently but in no way fall short in giving you a long finish.  

This deep gold brew is heavily charred and aged in virgin oak barrels. If you are wondering what to expect, know that there is no way you can miss the aroma of clove, sweet wildflower honey, caramel and soft malt. 

Indeed, the devil is lurking in the details!


EH Taylor Straight Rye

Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr. remains true to what it offers to date. The malt is in small-batch, barrel proof, single barrel, sour mash, seasoned wood, cured oak, four grain and Amaranth. If you are old-fashioned, this is your poison!

What will immediately hit you is the whiff of vanilla custard, key lime and under ripe tangerines. What you will experience, however, is an appetizing rye grain flavor. 

This tanginess is balanced by the richness of fulsome flavor red fruit. The brief finish can be pepper-accented.


Basil Hayden

Basil Hayden’s ripe mixed berries and bright peaches are very hard to miss. It is further accompanied by light traces of orange zest, oak and a smidgen of white pepper. Owing to its low proof, the scents are mostly on the lighter side. 

The blend of peaches, new wood, and light vanilla creates an entirely new palate with a short finish. This artfully aged bourbon whiskey has a perceptible spicy finish with a high note of citrus overtone. 

You are in for a rare treat when served old-fashioned or on the rocks. 



Booker’s bourbon is the crowning jewel of the small-batch collection! 

The bourbon is reported to have 13% rye, 75% corn and 12% barley. While these may appear superfluous at first, when taken as a series, it will exhibit the evolution of this bourbon.

Its dominant tang is that earthy aroma of forest floor and accents of fresh lime and mint. There is also a faint whiff of fluoride. Connoisseurs will be able to note the elusive aroma of rosewater. What is apparent, however, is the citrus bite of grapes as well as the sugariness of pavlova. 


Elijah Craig

Elijah Craig Small Batch has made its place both among connoisseurs and novice drinkers. It has won over its critics too!

This sour mash can be hard-edged with being sharply piquant at the start of mid-palate. There is an abundance of astringent greenness and notes of lilies. Before it settles into your mouth, you will feel the dash of richer honeyed fruit. It finishes with a high note of fruitiness, but not before almost a chemical vanilla note.


For pairings to bourbon, you would do well to remember that only good goes well with good! So if it's a fried batter-coated sea fish or spicy mustard laden ham pieces, you have hit the right note.

Don’t let this season pass by without having sampled at least a few of these treasures in bottles!


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