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8 Do’s and Don’ts of Drinking Graciously

by Yajush Sharma

Whether you’re trying to impress a date or want to simply enhance your drinking etiquette,  knowing what to and not to do when sipping your favorite drink could be tricky. We are here to help with some common do’s and don'ts:  

1.Holding Your Wine Glass the Right Way 


Always hold your wine or martini glass at the stem. This way, you maintain its temperature.  


2. Holding your Brandy the Right Way 


First, be sure the brandy is poured into the proper glassware known as a brandy snifter (shown below). Second, hold the snifter by the bowl with the stem between your middle and ring finger. Be sure to hug the base of the glass with your palm, this will warm the brandy and help release its natural aromatics. 

 3. Don’t Overpour 

 Avoid overfilling your glass. If you are a guest, allow the host or bartender to fill your glass. This way, you are giving respect to the host to decide what and how much drink they want to give out to their guests. 


4. Avoid Reclining Your Head To Finish the Last Sip 

Avoid the infamous head tilt to finish the last drop of your drink (especially when on a date or business meeting!) It might be enticing but it also may not be the best mark of sophistication. 

 5. Don’t Eat the Garnishes 

Garnishes win the gold for making a drink look appealing but resist the temptation to eat them! It is not the best look to be fishing your finger around in your cup or having empty peels leftover in your glass. 

6. Sip Your Drink 

Sip slowly - it is a sign of maturity and sophistication. Plus, you are at a party having fun and hanging out, what’s the rush? 


7. Know Your Stuff 

Being informed of different drinks and/or liquors is definitely a ‘do’. Knowing what you’d like to drink before having your order taken is a sign of confidence and experienceboth great qualities to display when out with a date or group! 

 8. Don't Forget To "Cheers!" 

“Cheersing” is always a good idea. It’s a time to express joy and create memories. Toast to acknowledge a celebration, thank a friend, or simply speak a few kind words. 

Bonus: a few rules to remember: 

  • Make eye contact while raising to toast 

  • Wait for others to raise their glasses before drinking 

  • Touch glasses with all 

We know it could be boring to be prim and proper but enhancing your drinking etiquette with these tips will surely win you some extra brownie points and show the party that you know what you're doing! 

Have some more tips to add? Share in the comments section below. Cheers!

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