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Amazing Facts and History of Your Top 5 Liquor Brands

by Yajush Sharma



Most of you have probably tasted all the most popular liquor brands but have you ever wondered about the history that made them practically heroes? 

Just like their flavors, the stories of their success differ from one another. Here’s a view into the history of said favorite liquor brands across the world.


As Bacardi continues to be one of the most successful spirits in the world, it all came to be with simple beginnings. Founded by a Spanish merchant Facundo Bacardí Massó, it was originally known as the best white rum in Cuba. With over 200 brands and labels, Bacardi now trades in more than 150 countries and produces around 200 million bottles per year. 

Do you know?

  • Bacardi is known as the most mixable spirit in the world, which has been an inspiration for some of the best cocktails recipes in the world.
  • Not many people know that in 1852, earthquakes in Cuba almost destroyed the original Bacardi distilleries.

If you are a lover of Irish whiskey, the first name that most likely comes to mind is Jameson's Irish Whiskey. John Jameson was mainly a Scottish lawyer but also a general manager of his relative’s distillery for Scottish whiskey in Dublin. John received full ownership of the business in 1805. Since the takeover, the company has been producing some of the best Irish whiskey in the world.

Interesting Facts about Jameson

  • Lady Gaga has been revealed to be a huge Jameson fan. In an interview, she confessed to drinking a lot of Jameson while writing.
  • Following the family motto 'Sine Metu', which refers to being fearless, the company has been blending locally grown barley with the finest grain and famous oak from the US and Spain to produce the finest Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Mr. John Walker, the man behind the number one scotch whiskey brand, started as a farmer who had been through struggles after his father's death. He purchased a grocery store where he sold local whiskey(s) and single malt(s) lines. The brand started with his idea of blending the stocked line of single malts and selling them for more money. The taste turned out to be much better than the single malts, and later, became a popular supplement to his inventory. 

Interesting Facts :

  • Did you know that the label on the 'Johnnie Walker' bottle was a famous doodle? It was created by a renowned illustrator Tom Browne.
  • Johnnie Walker’s son, Alexander, took the company to the next level making iconic updates such as the slanted logo .
  • The infamous Red Label and Black label were not born until years later after its inception in 1909.
  • The symbol used to be more colorful and red until Johnnie walker's son started different blends with specific colors.



Jack Daniel's is the biggest producer of the famous 'Tennessee whiskey' carrying over 150 years of heritage in the liquor industry. The iconic Old No. 7 Charcoal-Mellowed Whiskey has won numerous awards for its amazing taste and demand.


Fun Facts:

  • Jack Daniel lost his life after trying to open his safe and, out of frustration of not remembering the confirmation, he kicked and broke his toe. The infection moved up his leg and took his life in 1911.
  • Frank Sinatra loved Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey so much he got buried with a bottle along with a pack of his favorite Camel cigarettes. 
  • Want a free bottle of Jack Daniels? Work for them! It is said employees receive one free bottle a month.


Pyotr Smirnov became the richest man in Russia with his genius marketing skills. Originally founded in Moscow, Smirnoff quickly became the best selling vodka brand in the world 

Interesting facts:

  • Smirnoff is made of corn making it gluten-free. 
  • Smirnoff’s uses a charcoal filtration system producing their pure, one-of-a-kind Vodka. 
  • The name 'SMIRNOFF' is not only named after Vladimir Smirnov but is also the French spelling of Russian Vodka. 
  • Smirnov had to restart his company after the Bolshevik revolution.
  • Smirnoff Ice was discovered in 1999, the original best malt liquor soda that also started a fun traditional game called "Icing a bro" or “Smirnoff icing”. 
  • There are over 39 varieties in flavors.


Now that you know all this fun and interesting information about your favorite liquor brands, you can not only show off your liquor collection but also your knowledge about how they became the best in the world!


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