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Drinking Games to Play on Christmas Eve

by Liquor Wine Time
"Christmas is the day that holds all time together." – Alexander Smith.

Christmas is here, and with it, the season of parties has finally arrived! 

But this year is going to be a tad different, with the pandemic spoiling our collective fun. 

So, what can you do to revel in the festivities in 2020? 

While you can still follow safety protocols and plan an equally happening house party and do something you probably haven't done since college.

That's right!

Play drinking games!

This Christmas eve, jazz up your parties with these funky drinking games! 


1. Who is more likely to…?

To start the list off, we are recommending this easy game. It involves getting two people, preferably couples, to stand back to back. Another person then asks a list of questions that start with "Who is more likely to…?" and if they agree affirmative, then they have to take a sip of their drinks. 

If both drinks, then they have to drink again; if no one drinks, they have to drink again; but if one person drinks, then you can move on to the next question.

Recommended drinks  Keep it interesting with an assortment of wine options; choose between – reds, whites or even a rosé.


2. Never have I ever 

Another relatively tame game on the list is this version of Never Have I Ever. Everyone sits down around a table. Start with anyone who is willing. 

The volunteer has to relate an incident that starts with "Never have I ever…" For example, a person can say that they have never voted in their whole adult life! Those who have should drink! This sneaky little game helps you to explore the depths of your friends' minds. And if you have got any secrets to hide, watch out -

The questions tend to get more outrageous as the number of drinks increases!

Recommended drinks  Undoubtedly, tequila! Crack open a bottle of Jose Cuervo and keep the shots coming!


3. Keeping a straight face

Everybody knows how difficult it is to keep a straight face after a few rounds of drinking! Ideally, this game should be played after the whole gathering is more or less drunk. Save this one for the end of the party, when everyone is burnt out. 

The game requires some pre-planning, though. You have to write out funny sentences on pieces of paper, and everybody needs to pick up one. And pass the bag around. 

Whoever cannot keep a straight face loses! And the penalty is to get them more sloshed. Those who do manage to keep a poker face, however, well, they're not drunk enough now, are they?

Recommended drinks  Drinking with your pals? Nothing better than Jack Daniel’s on the rocks!


4. Vodka among the water

This is a game you should opt when everyone is more or less sober. Line up a series of shot glasses with vodka and water. Obviously, you do not let the company know which is vodka, which is water.

Start on one end. The player has to take a shot and say in his/her most convincing voice, "Hmmm, water!" The onus is on the other players to figure out if the person was lying or telling the truth. 

If lying, well, he/she needs to take a shot. If the person wasn't, then the others have to!

Recommended drinks  Well, the name is quite self-explanatory. A bottle of Absolut will certainly to the trick!


5. "Which of us is most likely to…?"

A crowd-pleaser of a game, this is a boozy version of the teenage variation. The couples' version is shared at number one.  Sit everyone down in a circle and ask questions that start with "Who among us is most likely to…?"

Everybody points to the person they think suits the answer. The person whom everyone points to the most has to drink that many numbers of times. This game is a great way to embarrass your pals and get them to laugh at themselves. 

Recommended drinks  You can certainly start off with a couple of cocktails and keep it classy. But do switch to whiskey/bourbon as the night matures!


6. Sixes

Coming in at number six is this ridiculously easy drinking game. Keep glasses of varying sizes (some tall ones, some short ones) on a table and fill them with alcohol. Each glass corresponds to a number. Roll the dice. Depending on the number, players have to pick the glass! 

If you pity those who have to drink from the tall glasses, then put in a mixer!

Recommended drinks  With this game you can go all out! Whiskey, vodka, tequila, champagne, or mix them all into cocktails – If you have them, don’t hesitate to fill the glasses.


7. Paranoia

Play this game in a large group where it is not necessary to know everybody in the crowd. The game proceeds in a circle. Ask the person to the right of you a question. The question has to relate to someone in the group. For example, "Which person do you want to date?" All the other person has to do is point to the answer, whoever it may be in the group! 

Those who want to know the answer have to drink to find out! You will be surprised to find out who the nosy ones among your friends are.

Recommended drinks  You need a good kick of liquid courage to get this game going. Jack, Jim or Johnny – take your pick!

This Christmas Eve, play these games, drink responsibly, and enjoy yourselves to the hilt! 

Until next year, cheers!

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