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Drinking Traditions Around the Globe Still Going Strong in 2021

by Liquor Wine Time

Are frat party challenges the only drinking traditions you know?

Well, there exists a whole host of other drinking traditions from around the globe!

Over the years, from Europe to the Far East, many drinking traditions have been in practice, celebrating various milestones. Some are bizarre, some sweet, while some are downright wacky!

Here, we are looking at some of the major traditions spread over the most important life events. Check them out!

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1. Social Drinking Traditions

Social drinking traditions sprung from the taverns, tapas, and pubs of Europe to the izakayas of Japan. To tame the boozy atmosphere and ensure fairness when buying drinks, ‘rules’ were instituted. Order the liquor online and surprise your friends with your newfound knowledge!


● Everyone at the table buys a ‘round.'

Almost every culture, from the UK to Japan, has a tradition of buying ‘rounds’. In fact, it is considered very rude to pass your turn and stand everyone for a drink. Expect cold stares!


● Filling the glass

It is considered uncultured to fill the wine glass up to the brim in France.
Again, in Japan, one shouldn’t pour out his/her own drink! The Japanese also don’t pour out drinks unless the glass is fully empty. In Korea, the oldest at a table gets served first, and younger members must drink facing away from their seniors.


● Toasting

When making a toast in France, raise your hand neither too high nor too low, just the right ‘French’ level. In the Czech Republic, when toasting, make sure you confidently make eye contact and join in with a general cheer of ‘Na zdravi’!

So, conveniently order drinks from our online liquor store and replicate these drinking traditions for a night of “prim and propah” drinking!

2. Wedding Drinking Traditions

Weddings are a time for responsible drinking, fun, and quirky pranks!

All around the world, brides, grooms, and their wedding party join in for some pre-wedding revelry, with some sweet traditions and a few that are downright weird. Check them out!

● Bridal kidnapping in Germany

A German bride is kidnapped by the groomsmen and taken to any local drinking establishment. Over here, her intended husband must come to ‘rescue’ her and buy every one of the bridal party a drink!

● Nigerian wedding ceremony

In Nigeria, a bride’s father fills a glass of palm wine for the bride to give to the groom. Once the groom drinks from it and passes the glass to the bride-to-be to take a sip, they are considered legally married!

● Drinking out of the bride’s shoe in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the bride’s shoe may be stolen by any guest while she is sitting. The guest then has to drink out of the shoe! However, it isn’t as unhygienic as that! A glass is strapped to the shoe, and the guest can take a drink out of it. To get the shoe back, the bride has to give in to some ‘light-hearted’ demands.

3. Coming-of-Age Drinking Traditions

Coming of age, transforming from girl to woman or boy to man, is considered one of the biggest moments of one’s life by many communities.

In fact, in the western world, hitting the drinking age of 21 years is considered the equivalent of reaching maturity. So, purchase liquor online and reminisce about the time you were a young fledgling sipping your first drink!

● Maasai coming of age tradition

The Maasai warrior tribe of Kenya and Tanzania mix an alcoholic drink of cow’s blood and milk as one of the customs in their rite of passage for young men. Boys between 10 and 20 years initiated into the warrior class of these proud people must drink this potion as a sacred element.

● Rumspringa

Rumspringa involves forsaking Amish culture for a weekend and experiencing the outside world. Then, once boys have had their fill of another cultural experience, they return to be baptized into the Amish church.

4. Festive Drinking Traditions

Festivals are a great time to witness a flurry of drinking traditions.

From wassailing to Julebord, there are plenty of boisterous festive dinking traditions to keep the spirits alive.

● Wassailing

Wassailing is a tradition that is firmly rooted in British heritage. Mulled hard cider is consumed, and the revelers go around town making a lot of noise to ward off evil spirits. Usually, it is practiced during the Twelfth Night period.

● Julebord

Julebords were traditionally thrown during the cold months when food was left out for the poor. However, nowadays, it has become the equivalent of an office party or a victory party. These parties last night long, and a little throwing up is expected in the morning!

● Santa Con

People dress up as Santa Claus and go pub-crawling during Christmas. Mostly Santa Cons are held for charity, but there is rampant drinking despite advisories. However, one bad Santa can ruin the whole bunch, they say!

5. Sacred Drinking Traditions

Drinks have been offered to Gods and Goddesses since the beginning of religion. From the east to the west, wine is viewed as a sacred libation to honor the Gods, and here are some of those traditions carried on even today!

● Koupa

Koupa originated in Crete as a sacred ritual. It involves one of the participants calling out a name. That person has to take a drink from a glass and call out someone else's name only after kissing the bottom of that glass. This process continues until everyone is drunk. Then the dish smashing begins!


● Communion

Christians still have a tradition among them of eating bread and wine whenever they meet. Jesus requested this commandment as a token by which to remember him, and all his followers comply with it even today.

If you enjoyed those traditions, here’s a fun activity for you! Buy liquor online and create your own drinking tradition.

Then, leave a comment below, and we’ll see which of your traditions we like!

Until then, it’s adios amigo from your favorite online liquor store nearby!

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