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Easy Sips: Introducing Our Ready to Drink Situations

by Liquor Wine Time

So, perhaps you do not particularly fancy traditional spirits or liqueurs. You cannot stand the sharp, snappy, and stinging flavor of whiskey - even though you’ve mixed it with enough soft drinks and ice cubes to drown a yacht. 

 But you do enjoy a classic cocktail on certain occasions!


 What is the solution?

 There is a way you can enjoy some of the world’s finest cocktails, some so obscure that only select groups of people know of them. 

 Welcome to the world of alcohol-based ‘Ready to Drink’ products. 


The Most Popular ‘Ready to Drink’ Alcohol-Based Products

Here are some suggestions from those in the know.


buzzbox Bloody Mary: 



buzzbox is now one of the world’s largest Ready To Drink players, combining high-grade alcohol with the finest juices, tonics, herbs, and other proprietary ingredients. 

 Their Bloody Mary is, well, bloody good. 

Just the right amount of tomato juice and delectable seasonings makes it a genie waiting to escape from the can.

And it probably has. 

 The Mary had slowly gotten lost in the melee of newer entrants in the last 3 decades of the previous century. Ready To Drinks have brought it back. How ‘bout that!



buzzbox Cuban Mojito:  



12% alcohol content- check. 

 Silver premium rum-check. 

 A wee bit of cane sugar- check. 

 The customary lime and lemon flavors- check.

 Even Michelin-Starred bartenders and mixologists would probably have a difficult time finding fault with this concoction.


Cutwater Spirits Fugu Cucumber Vodka Soda: 



This Cutwater fantasy is set to take you places, some of which you may not have been to earlier. The classic Fugu vodka mixes so smoothly with the traces of cucumber; it could have been an instant Rhythm & Blues classic if it was around some decades ago.

 A light and superbly balanced drink - you will be hard-pressed to find any difference between what came out of the box versus what the barkeep rustled up in front of you!

 Find it difficult to believe? 

 Well, you can always pick up some of the cocktails online and test for yourself.



Trade Eights Ginger Citrus Whiskey Cocktail:



This drink is a revelation of sorts. 

With the smooth, rich whiskey as the adagio, a hint of spicy ginger as the andante and syrupy-thick lemon juice rounding things up as an allegretto, this t8 classic really never goes out of style.

Add the maple syrup poured in generous doses as the soprano, and you have a full-house, perhaps rising in unison to clap after a rendition of Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro.” 

Or a rock concert!


 Where should you begin?

 The question is relatively easy to answer - anywhere you, please. 

 Since Ready To Drink has so many variations, it can be pretty difficult choosing a jump-off point.

 And as you will dive deeper, remember two simple rules - drink responsibly and with an open mind!

 As we wrap up, we are compelled to remember the words of a famous wit that shall remain anonymous. S/he had said that there was no such thing as ‘Writer’s Block’. It was just an excuse for some authors to drink some more!


From the wide range of spirits we have here, there might just be some truth in that observation!


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