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Get Your Christmas Shopping Going with These 5 Cognac Options

by Liquor Wine Time

"It is well to remember that there are five reasons for drinking - the arrival of a friend, one's present or future thirst, the excellence of the cognac, or any other reason." - W. C. Fields 

 Cognac is brandy sourced from the Cognac region of France. As simple as that. 

 It has earned a reputation for itself by being a Russian oligarch's tipple of choice as well as a rap god's necessary accessory. Cigars are dipped in it and chocolates are filled with it, so there must be something to the theory that cognacs are classy, expensive, and very, very desirable. 

 There are four variants of cognac, depending on the number of years the youngest blend has been aged. They are -

  • Very Special (the youngest brandy has been aged for two years)
  • Very Superior Old Pale (the youngest brandy in the blend has been aged at least four years)
  • Extra Old (the youngest brandy has had an aging time of six years)
  • Hors d'Age (anything beyond six years of aging)

With Christmas around the corner, cognac is a very popular gift of choice. 


Courvoisier V.S. Cognac


 We have a lot to be thankful to France – Cognac being at the forefront of these reasons.

 This bottle from the famed house of Courvoisier is an aristocrat among the cognac class. It has been aged between three to seven years, with the principal blend being from one Fins Bois, married with a Petite Champagne. 

 The taste is very fruity and floral – with ripe fruit notes dominating the palate. Its floral hints are borrowed from grapes harvested at their peak. 

 You can choose this epiphany for a friend that has been by your side for the longest time ever. They deserve nothing but the best. 

 Price – $30 approximately


D'usse VSOP Cognac 750ml



 The rap demigod Jay-Z endorses this brand of cognac, and we believe that he may be onto something. D'usse's was created by master cellar worker Michel Casavecchia from the French house of Château de Cognac. It smells both woody and floral, which is quite a feat. Cinnamon, too, is a soft hint on this nose. 

 Every sip you take from this bottle brings up notes of almonds, spices, with subtler hints of honey and dried fruits. As a special gift for your loved ones, offer them this treat. 

 Price - $50 approximately


Hennessy Black Cognac 750ml


Few cognacs play with the senses long after they have been consumed. Hennessy Black Cognac is one of them. Fruity and floral, this blend has notes of jasmine, daffodils, and orange blossoms. When it hits the tongue, however, the sparks go off in the form of citrus, honey and fresh grapes. It is delectably smooth when it goes down. 

Since black goes with everything, consider sending this along to an estranged spouse or a burned-out flame you want to rekindle. Christmas and the year-end are the times you get to do something crazy like this, so give in to that impulse. 

 Price - $50 approximately

Branson Cognac VSOP | 50 Cent Cognac


Coming to you from the Grande Champagne region, this expression has royal cognac blood in its veins. You cannot fault its pedigree after knowing that it has been aged for around four years, sometimes even going up to seven! 

 Honey-colored, mellow, and absolutely divine, we recommend this cognac for the special someone in your life that needs some winter comfort. 

 The smell starts slowly with faint traces of peach, melon, and tobacco. The taste though takes things up a notch. Spice, clove and vanilla - these are the gadding threesome that hit the right notes on your tongue, begging you to stay and sample some more. 

 Price - $70 approximately


Pierre Ferrand Double Cask Reserve Cognac


 Claiming to use an old, long-lost tradition of aging cognac in different casks to deepen the flavor, this variation has been aged around seven to ten years. On the nose, this cognac is infused with fruit. The tastes of apricot, lemon, and green apple are discernible, which are followed by woody hints of fig, cloves, and liquorice. 

 What would you give parents to thank them for all they do? 

 We recommend this bottle of classic cognac. It will comfort them to know that their child has been set up in life for good. 

 Price - $73 approximately

 Take a path less trodden this year and the night before Christmas lay out cookies and cognac for Santa, as a change from the traditional cookies and milk, and Santa will love to visit your home the next year too! 





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