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Here’s a Melange of Food and Wine Pairings to Take Your Taste Buds on a Ride!

by Yajush Sharma
Food and wine… 

The very thought conjures up memories of a warm Sunday afternoon with friends and families, chilly winter nights lazing by the fireside, or rainy days spent indoors mulling over a lost love.

Whether you purchase online wine or from the local store, experience the good times with your loved ones and treasure the sacred moments that life brings your way - with sumptuous food and drink. 

It’s a tried and tested prescription to pair certain wines and foods. But the rules don’t always have to be binding. Experiment as much as you like with the different flavors of wine and food to see what fits, and if you’re not enthusiastic, here are some classic food and wine pairings that are a hit with the taste buds. 

Let’s get started. 

Chicken and White Wine

Chicken is a lighter meat, readily absorbing the flavors of the sauce it is cooked in; so pair this one keeping in mind the flavors of the sauce. You can also try chicken in white sauce with Sauvignon Blanc, which is a common pairing, or be bold and risk a red wine if the sauce is a spicy variety. You will find Sauvignon Blanc at our online wine store.

Duck with Riesling or St. Laurent

Duck is a tougher game bird that finds few takers, but its sinewy texture goes well with spicy dishes or velvety sauces. Try duck with a white wine like Riesling, which is faintly sweet to taste or a dark red variety like St. Laurent or Grenache. You’ll find the coupling a culinary breakthrough. 

Turkey and Zinfandel

Zinfandel, from Croatia, has secondary notes of spices like clove, cinnamon, and vanilla; so it’s no surprise that this wine compliments dry turkey better than most red wines. Pair it with a turkey sandwich, or a casserole, and slowly sip it while examining the bacchanalian prospects of autumn. If you want to try something new—choose Champagne. This is no less than a winning combination. 

Lamb and Red Wines

While it’s true that red cuts of meat go well with red wines, you can risk lamb with a Chardonnay. But if you are a traditionalist and want to stick to the red wines, try some from fruity Malbec, olive- flavored Syrah, or the floral smell of Petit Verdot. The Malbec is available at our online wine store. 

Steak with Full-Bodied Red Wines

Rare cuts of steak will dampen the tannin in wine so choose a fruity Malbec or a Cabernet Sauvignon to go with it. The rarer the steak cut, the mellower it renders the wine; so a robust option goes well with the fatty cuts. Choose from Syrah or Grenache to sip on while you attack your steak—the perfect accompaniment for a dinner night out with the spouse. 

Venison and Chianti

Red game meat - venison, is perfect in stews or curries. To complement its earthy flavor, you can try pairing it with dry Chianti. If you are looking to mask the gamey taste of venison, then match it with a fruity wine like Valpolicella or a blend from Côtes du Rhône. Both these wines are sure to accompany the venison tastefully. And if you were not a fan of venison, you will soon become one. 

Ham and Fruity Wines

To balance the salty flavors of smoked ham, try pairing it with fruity wines like Grenache or Zinfandel, or Riesling. The fruit notes in these wines bring out the intense, rich taste of ham. And depending on whether the ham is smoked or cured, try Madeira, Sherry, or Rosé wines. 

Salmon and White Wines 

Salmon is quite a meaty fish and is known to be very oily on the palate as well. So couple it with any kind of full-bodied white wine like Chardonnay, White Rioja, or Pinot Noir. If, however, you want to try it with some red wine varieties, go for Rosé or the lighter variants so that the two distinct flavors do not clash.

Oysters with Chablis, Chardonnay, or Champagne

For an upscale dish of oysters, it’s vital to know which wine to pair it with. Dry Chablis matches plain oysters like culinary alchemy. 

If you want the classic go for a glass of bubbly to polish off a plate of oysters in butter. The Chardonnay pairs well with oysters in a creamy sauce. Either way, white wines really enhance the taste of these delectable briny creatures. The Chardonnay is available at our online wine store. 

You can either choose to buy wine online or search online for a ‘wine store near me’. No matter how you go about ordering your favorite tipple, cook yourself a nice meal to accompany the bottle, and treat yourself to the magic of combining flavors. 

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