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How To Choose The Right Glassware for Your Wine Bar

by Yajush Sharma

Are you one of those people who love to invite friends over for a weekend social or binge-watch your favorite Netflix show at home? Whatever your plans, glassware can help create the perfect wine-in experience (haha, get it?!) Although not required, pairing the right glassware with your preferred vino can make a big difference. We are here to help! 

Why Glassware Matters?

  • Glassware contributes to the control and distribution of aroma and the temperature of wine - two essentials to the vino experience.
  • Medium, Full-bodied wine VS half bodied suggest different types of glassware.
  • Glasses with larger bowls are preferred for medium to full-bodied wine allowing room for the wine to breathe whereas half bodied wines ideally feature narrow openings to keep aroma intact.
  • Glasses with large, rounded bowls encourage swirling to help keep the wine fresh (true for red or white!) However, be careful not to over-swirl.
  • Serve sparkling wines and champagne in tall flute glasses to prolong bubbles staying active.
  • Glasses with narrow openings keep the aroma alive until you finish the drink. A smaller surface prevents your wine from oxidizing quickly and retains the lighter notes - this style is best for dessert wine and white wine.


But wait, there’s more!

It is also important to understand that decanting the proper way can help enhance the taste of your wine before serving it to your guests as well.

  • Buy a decanter with a narrow neck and wide bottom to allow your wine to breathe.

Whether to elevate date night or simply treat yourself, sipping your favorite wine can be more tantalizing when done in the right manner. Not only is glassware visually appealing (and impressive!) but the right pairing will truly help you enjoy your wine’s flavor to the fullest. Let us know if you have more suggestions on how to buy the perfect glassware in the comment section below.

Happy drinking!

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