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Learn More about the Liqueurs That Go Into Cocktails

by Liquor Wine Time



Yes, it's time!

It's time you knew the bare minimum about the liqueurs that go into your cocktails. They may seem insignificant, but liqueurs pack quite the punch by themselves or when mixed in drinks.

We're ready to school you on all that is wacky and interesting about these liqueurs without omitting the essential taste profile!

So, check out the details below. Moreover, before starting, though, know that you can buy these liqueurs online from Liquor Wine Time.


Ingredients: flowers and leaves of Artesemia absinthium,  green anise, fennel, other medicinal herbs

Taste: Black licorice with a herbal aroma and an anise-y main taste.

Popular Cocktails: Sazerac, Espresso Martini, Death in the Afternoon, Death by Morning, Quill Riff

This "Green Fairy" has earned a reputation over the years for being mysterious and other-worldly. Once thought to be hallucinogenic, this Swiss origin liqueur was a favorite with creative persons like Oscar Wilde and Picasso.

The USA lifted the ban on absinthe only in 2007, and since then, the liqueur has enjoyed some popularity. Unfortunately, the quality of this liqueur is under some debate as several imposters exist in the market. Buy liqueur online from Liquor Wine Time and get the authentic stuff!

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Ingredients: Gentian, rhubarb, cinchona, oranges

Taste: bitter, like a mix of Campari and Prosecco

Popular Cocktails: Aperol Spritz, Aperol Negroni, Aperol Mist, Bird of Paradise, Rosé All Day, Say Anything

Scarlet and bitter, this is one Italian family recipe that took years to perfect! Unfortunately, Aperol is frequently confused with the Campari as the same family owns both of them. To make matters worse, they taste quite similar and have the same sunset color profile.

In cocktails, Aperol provides the necessary delicate bitterness without the overpowering taste of Campari. Traditionally, Aperol is drunk preprandial and not post! It can be drunk solitary or as a cocktail. Purchase the liqueur online and get started on those cocktails.



Ingredients: Herbs, roots, citrus peels, flowers, bark. For example, angelica, gentian, cinchona, juniper, anise, fennel, etc. Depends a lot on the manufacturer's recipe.

Taste: bittersweet, sometimes like syrup

Popular Cocktails: Black Manhattan, Amaro Spritz, Paper Plane, Brooklyn

Amaro is consumed as an after-dinner digestif. There are several commercially produced varieties, such as the Averna, Montenegro, Lucano, and Ramazzotti. Typically, you can drink Amaro neat with ice or tonic water.  Buy Amaro liqueur online and enjoy the best of Italian heritage.


Ingredients: Herbs, fruits like chinotto and cascarilla, cochineal insects until 2006 for the carmine color.

Taste: herbal and bitter, notes of orange peel, cherry, cinnamon, and clove.

Popular Cocktails: Boulevardier, Siesta, Campari Spritz, Negroni, Jungle Bird, Garibaldi, Americano, Old Pal

Pre-2006 Campari gained its red color from crushed cochineal insects. Gaspare Campari made Campari in Novare, Italy, in 1860. To date, it is the most popular Italian liqueur around, easily recognizable in a variety of well-known cocktails. So order Campari liqueur online and whip up the classics!  


Ingredients: Orange peels, sugar beet alcohols

Taste: Bitter and sweet oranges, with a  taste of warm spices

Popular Cocktails: Cosmopolitan, Sidecar, Margaritas, White Lady, Mimosa, Lemon Drop Martini, Cadillac Martini, Mai Tai

The French liqueur that goes back to 1849 gained popularity when an American bartender used it to make the now social phenomena—the Cosmopolitan. Since then, there has been no looking back for the liqueur as it takes pride of place on many a bar cart. Moreover, the colorless liqueur is dry rather than sweet, marrying well with agave.

Crème de menthe

Ingredients: Mint leaves in alcohol

Taste: Minty

Popular Cocktails: Grasshopper, Holiday Hopper, Peppermint Patty, Emerald Isle, Irish Eyes, Stinger, Devil Cocktail

This liqueur comes in two variants, green and colorless. Emile Giffard developed it in the late 1800s. The green variants get their color from macerated mint leaves or food colors. The other recipe apart from popular cocktails that this liqueur is used in is mint chocolate. Yum! Buy the crème de menthe online today!

Crème de cacao

Ingredients: Cocoa.

Taste: White crème de cacao tastes of milk chocolate with vanilla notes, Darker crème de cacao tastes sweet and Chocolate-y.

Popular Cocktails: Brandy Alexander, Chocolate Martini, Bushwacker, Grasshopper, Golden Cadillac

Despite the name, crème de cacao is not intertwined with any dairy products. Instead, Crème implies the high sugar content in the liqueur. Monks made this liqueur in the 1600s by monks when cocoa beans first came to Europe.

For cocktails, choose the white crème de cacao as it has a less overpowering flavor. Kahlua can be a potential imposter. However, Kahlua leans towards coffee rather than chocolate.


Elderflower liqueur

Ingredients: Elderflowers

Taste: sweet, floral with hints of pear, passionfruit and citrus.

Popular Cocktails: Elderflower Cocktail, French Pear Martini, White Cosmo, Waterloo Sunset, Eye Candy, Basil-ica, For the Record.

Made as early as 2007, this special treat resulted from Rob Cooper's tasting a special cocktail in London that used elderflower syrup. The liqueur adds a floral taste to every cocktail it is mixed in, hence its popularity. Buy Elderflower liqueur online from Liquor Wine Time today and enjoy some of the best light and floral drinks out there.


Ingredients: a secret recipe made up of herbs and spices

Taste: sweet

Popular Cocktails: German Vacation, Surfer on Acid, Precision Timepiece

56 individual ingredients go into the making of the Jager. It is a digestif with many seeds, fruit, root, and spices, making it delicious. Typically, cold temperatures accentuate the flavors of the Jagermeister. Further, the perfect temperature at which to consume a Jager is at -4F. Safely purchase these liqueurs online instead of searching for a "liqueur store near me".

With all that acquired knowledge on liqueurs, the next time you whip up those delicious cocktails we give you recipes for, appreciate them a bit more.

Don't forget that you can buy liqueur online from us.

Until next time, “liqueur” chops for more blogs on wine and spirits!


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