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Mother's Day Gift Ideas from LiquorWineTime: Top Suggestions You Can Pick as a Gift for Your Mom!

by Liquor Wine Time

Mother's Day is around the corner, and every son and daughter is on the lookout for the perfect present to show their love, appreciation, and gratitude to their mothers. Wine and spirit are right there at the top of the list of gifts you could give your mom this year to celebrate the day.

Gin, wine, and vodka are some of what we recommend for your beloved mother this time around. With summers setting in, we've got a list that will make mums feel appreciated and valued!

Check them out below!


White Wines

Not red or pink this time! We're recommending white, white, white! Why? It's offbeat, and we love it!


1. Caymus: Conundrum, White Wine California (2015)

Price - $25 approx.

The House of Caymus has been bold with and known for experimentation. That was their founder's motto and habit. Charlie Wagner, the co-founder of Caymus, loved mixing up wines at the dinner table to figure out what would pair well with his food.

It's from that love for the wild side of exploration that Caymus presents to you Conundrum. Lovely name, lovelier taste. Fruit from California's grape zones of Napa, Monterey, Santa Barbara and Tulare Counties goes into making this perfect bottle of white wine.

While Caymus is rightly hush-hush about the recipe, they hint that Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Muscat Canelli and Viognier are the major stakeholders of the enterprise. And what an enterprise at that!


C'mon now! And you thought gin was such a Dad's drink! Mom's drink gin on the sly. Don't tell her we told you.


1. Hendricks MidSummer Solstice Gin

Price: $ 40 approx.

Be warned now! This is very good stuff but only available for a limited time. So, snap this gin up now for a mom that is most certainly deserving of a good drink.

Unscrewing the cap of this bottle releases into the air the blissful summery aroma of raspberries, roses, strawberries, and a distinctive floral note.

On the palate, the Midsummer Solstice is decidedly fruity and floral. However, wintery essences like pine and juniper can be made out by an experienced drinker. Other ingredients which play their part are lavender, strawberry, candied citrus rinds, and sandalwood. However, as it progresses, the gin becomes less berry-like, taking on the taste of prickly pear fruit and dragon fruit. It finishes fresh, like a summer walk in the woods.

2. Bombay Gin

There's gin. And there's gin the way Bombay Sapphire does it. The name may sound exotic, but don't be taken in. It's still good old English gin, and it's our choice of gin for your mother because it's a significantly good one for beginners.

  • Bombay Original Dry Gin 750ml

Price: $30 approx.

The dry gin, however, tones down the botanicals to eight. Skipping the grains of paradise and the cubeb berries, it manages to create a powerful potion with the other botanicals. When the dry original opens its secrets, the notes are soft.

Angelica enters first with a touch of juniper and pine. Citrus and cinnamon provide the gin with its relishable piquancy, while the palate starts creamy with a base of red winter wheat.

  • Bombay Sapphire Gin 750ml

Price: $23 approx

Bombay Sapphire isn't very top secret about the ingredients they use that add flavor to this gin.

However, it's a global effort, made that much more special by selecting and using top-notch ingredients.

Juniper berries and orris root from La Italia, almonds and lemon peels from El Espanola, grains of paradise from West Africa are some of the high-profile ingredients that go into this gin.

Moving East, we get Licorice from China, cassia-bark from Indo-China, Saxony angelica, coriander from Morocco, and cubeb berries from Java.


Now vodka's got to remind moms of the times she was a party girl!

1. Ciroc vodka

Ciroc vodka is everything fun, flirty and extremely modish. The brand took vodka on this journey, few people expected the drink to go, and they were so successful that it changed the vodka drinking scene. So, surprise mum with these wonderful fruit-infused vodkas for a refreshing solitary sip.

  • Ciroc Summer Watermelon

Price: $30 approx.

We'll start with the limited-edition Summer Watermelon that you should hurry up to buy before the good thing's gone. On the nose, you get summer-fresh, red, ripe, pulpy watermelon with a hint of rind. To taste, you first sense the sweet, juicy, refreshing, invigorating watermelon taste that's oh-so-perfect with the vodka.

  • Ciroc Apple

Price: $30 approx.

The Apple version has the flavor of crisp, succulent green apples, with subtle hints of old friends citrus and vanilla. Perfect for mixing into various mojitos and punches, you can enjoy the crunch-crunch of green apples without the added munch-munch. So, pay some pelf and gift-wrap a bottle for mommy-dearest!

  • Ciroc Pineapple

Price: $30 approx.

Nothing speaks louder for a tropical vacation than tart, delectable pineapple! Now imagine that sunshine pineapple infused with vodka, and you get a drink that goes down easy with a hint of vanilla and other natural flavors. Also, this baby is waiting to be used in mimosas, Pina Coladas, and so many other cocktails. Try out!

  • Ciroc Mango

Price: $30 approx.

Mango! Yellow, sweet, and the perfect antidote to a hot summer day, this expression from Ciroc has the taste of luscious Carabao mango mixed with tangy citrus and other flavors. Enjoy it on the rocks or in combination with a cocktail.

If the above drinks are still not rocking your boat, you can look into the always dependable Rosé. A bottle of Whispering Angel or something neat like a Vueve can definitely serve your purpose!

So, decide on any of these lovely drinking options and surprise mom with a unique gift that will warm her heart just as it warms the back of her throat! Find all these and more at our inventory at LiquorWineTime!

Happy Mother’s Day to all those beautiful women who labored to bring us into this world!

We appreciate you so much!

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