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Must-Have Barware Tools

by Yajush Sharma
Cocktail making is a coveted craft that really sets one apart as a great host. Here are some tools to add to your bar to share the likes of Mixology-style drink making!

1.  Cocktail Shakers

  • Boston Shaker (AKA 2 Piece Shaker): Consists of a pint-sized glass (capacity 16 oz) and a metal counterpart (28 oz). Most commonly used by professional bartenders, you can credit its popularity to its large capacity, easy cleanup, and multipurpose nature.


  • Cobbler Shaker (AKA 3 Piece Shaker): Consists of a cap, tin, and built-in strainer. Most often seen in home bars due to the convenient built-in strainer and user-friendly design, however, it cannot hold as much liquid as a Boston Shaker and is more difficult in dissembling. 

  • Parisian Shaker (AKA French Shaker): Consists of a metal cap and metal bottom cup counterpart. This shaker is very similar to a Boston Shaker but not as popular. 



  • Hawthorne: Used for straining cocktails from a mixing tin. Strainer’s two “ears” (tabs) hold the mixing tin’s rim perfectly. The coil attached on the other side keeps the ice and other ingredients from entering the serving glass.   



How to use a Hawthorne Strainer: 

  1. Place on the mixing tin, coil facing down (as shown in photo). 

  2. Place two fingers on top of the strainer and lift the mixing tin to pour.

  • Julep Strainer: A bowl-shaped strainer that is suitable to strain the cocktail from a mixing glass. 

How to use a Julep Strainer: 

  1. Place inside the mixing glass with the depth of the bowl of the strainer looking out (as shown in photo). 

  2. Hold the strainer on the joint, between the handle and bowl using your index finger (as shown in the photo). 

  3. Gradually tip the mixing glass over the serving glass.

  • Fine Strainer: Used as an additional strainer for straining drinks that require a superbly fine texture. This dome-shaped strainer is made with fine wire, making it ideal to catch any unwanted texture. 

How to use a Fine Strainer: 

  1. Strain the cocktail first from the Hawthorne strainer, and then again through the Wired Strainer (as shown in photo).  

4. Jiggers

  • Angled Jigger- Ideal for beginners. Features precise measurements marked within the cup, ideal for replicating recipes


  • Double Jigger AKA Jigger and Pony: The most commonly used measurement tool used in bars and restaurants. Resembling an hourglass, it features two sides that measure different quantities - 1Oz and 1.5 Oz. 


Hammer Bar Jigger: Very stylish and easy to use. It features an attached handle, elevating your standard double jigger. 

  1.   Muddlers

  • Wooden Muddler: Flat or open tooth, this useful tool is ideal when creating refreshing drinks using herbs or more delicate ingredients such as jalapeno. 

  • Stainless Steel Muddler: Flat or open tooth, this style muddler is our preferred pick due to its extra-easy clean-up (no stains!) Technically this style of muddler could be used for all things muddling, however, it is especially ideal for muddling fruit and other, more dense cocktail infusions. 

  1.   Bar Spoons

  • Bar spoons are great for non-shaken cocktails. Its sleek and twisted shaft enables you to move the spoon between your fingers smoothly and effectively to mix your drink to perfection. A few examples of drinks that would call for this technique: Manhattan, Negroni and Gin and Tonic.


  1. Picks

  • This one is obvious but often forgotten when stocking your barware kit! Keep these on hand for

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