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Special Liquor Surprises for Your Dad on Father's Day

by Liquor Wine Time

 "The greatest mark of a father is how he treats his children when no one is looking." —Dan Pearce (author)

Return the sweet compliment on Father's Day, with a special surprise that speaks volumes. Visit

If yours is a father who has aged finer than whiskey and bourbon, we’ve got the right gift selection for you!

What better way to celebrate Father's Day than by gifting dad a heavenly bottle of the finest bourbon and whiskey available from Liquor Wine Time?

Here we have a list of some fantastic hard liquor that Dad will be delighted to receive. Check 'em out below!


1. Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml

Price: approx. $230 for 750 ml

Single barrel whiskey gets its arrogant superiority from never having been blended with any other. Pure and holy, the best thing about Blanton's offering is that they were the original single barrels in the industry. Aged for nine years in a Buffalo Trace warehouse cooped up in a metal-walled room, this whiskey will have Dad blessing you with the double portion!

Amber to dark orange on the eye, Blanton's is a sensory odyssey. Unscrewing a bottle releases a impressive aroma of vanilla, caramel, baking spices, and smoke with a circumstantial hint of citrus. Smooth on the tongue, expect sweet caramel, chocolate, citrus peel, and smoke. It ends with a long, spicy, and oaky finish. You'll want more! Buy liquor online from Liquor Wine Time.

2. E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 750 ml

Price: $160 for 750ml approx..

From the renowned makers of whiskey, this batch is a testament to the man behind the name. Unscrew a bottle, and you'll be hit with the scent of caramel apples, cloves, fresh corn, and butterscotch. Sip a smidge, and you should taste sweet corn, cinnamon, and rye spiciness. The finish is medium, rich with creamy vanilla.

As one of the founding fathers of bourbon in America, E.H. Taylor's mark is unforgettable. If you think the same way about your father's influence on your life, this is the best homage. So, buy it easily from our website.

3. Basil Hayden's 10 Year Bourbon Whiskey 750 ml

Price: $100 for 750 ml approx.

This bottle is a majestic creation, a very high rye recipe, well-loved by Basil Hayden's fans. Aging adds to its big oak aroma. The fragrance of intoxicating summer fruits, oak, honeyed vanilla, and rye is released when you pour a splosh into a whiskey glass.

Swirl and sip! Taste caramelly sweetness and trademarked spices from Basil Hayden. Golden amber in color, one peg is sufficient to have Daddy dote on you all day. After all, a father's attention is the most precious return gift he can bestow! Delicious whiskey bourbon.

4. Crown Royal Peach Whiskey

Price: $50 for 750ml approx..

This whiskey is a summery delight. Screw open and draw in a gentle odor of fuzzy peach skins with smidges of spice and oak. On the tongue, relish the taste of juicy Georgia peaches and creamy vanilla. Culminates in a sweet and smooth finish.

However, caution! Good luck getting your hands on these beauties as they're flying off the shelves all over the country. Vendors have even had to limit the sale of bottles. But on Liquor Wine Time, you can get this delicacy at a great, snap-up-able price! Hurry and order liquor online!

5. Buffalo Trace Bourbon 750ml

Price: approx. $30 for 750 ml

Perfect for the Dad who loves his freedom as much as his bourbon.

A drink as wild as the buffalos that carved the ancient trace near Buffalo Trace's distillery honor Pop with this low-on-money-big-on-thought present. You can also choose other combo packs with Cream Liqueur from the same company available exclusively at Liquor Wine Time.

Open a bottle and inhale a sprinkle of spice, honey, toffee, coriander, vanilla, mint, oak, rye, and licorice. The tongue discerns spicy mustiness, leather, tobacco, overripe oranges, and smokiness. The finish is long-drawn and lush. Goes beautifully in cocktails. Don’t forget to buy bourbon online with Liquor Wine Time.

6. Larceny Bourbon Whiskey 92 Proof 750ml

Price: $20 for 750ml approx..

Aged 6 to 12 years, it uses wheat instead of rye in the mash-up with corn and barley. A bright copper hue with an aroma of butterscotch, freshly baked bread, and toffee, gift Dad this newbie bourbon.

A mouthfeel of buttery caramel and honey ends with a sweet and savory long crescendo. It was created to have the same flavor profile as a six-year Kentucky Straight, making it very smooth. Pops is sure to love the taste at 92 proof, and we guarantee you will too! Rush to buy liquor online from Liquor Wine Time.

7. Ezra Brooks Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

Price: $10 for 750 ml

Sour Kentucky mash goes into the making of this bourbon whiskey. It's the perfect mixer for cocktails. Flick open a bottle, and you're greeted by the smell of buttery corn and vanilla pods. Aged the traditional way and charcoal filtered, it is bottled at 90 proof.

The appetite reveals honey, mocha, maple syrup, caramel, vanilla, spice, and chocolate. It finishes smooth, warm, peppery, and long. Papa will be pleased to receive this honest bottle for Father's Day. For a hardworking man, this is the perfect budget present. So get ahead and buy liquor online at Liquor Wine Time today!

If you are among the lucky ones who still have a Dad around, appreciate and spend quality time with him. We only get so many days together.

Whether biological, adopted, a friend, or a colleague, celebrate the Dads in your life with these great liquors.

Want more? Choose other bourbon liquor options from Liquor Wine Time.

Happy Father’s Day!

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