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Special Whiskeys to Sample on International Whiskey Day

by Liquor Wine Time

Ah, whiskey! The seasoned drinker's closest companion ever since he found in it a cure for heartache.

Love for this spirit is mounting by the day and this enthusiasm has propelled the rise of several new craft whiskey makers like Uncle Nearest and Balcones. With the whiskey-drinking tradition firmly set to pick up in this decade, it's time we explore some of the rare, off-beat, and downright whacky whiskey creations to celebrate International Whiskey Day!

And we've got some options from the best of International whiskeys too.

Get together with your close mates and family to sip some delectable whiskeys and celebrate!

Here are our recommendations! Check them out!


Ambros Banana Whiskey

Price: $40 approx for 750 ml

If you are looking to try something dramatically different on International Whiskey Day, you've got to know about this off-beat Banana whiskey.

Yes, that’s right!

Bananas are popular for their sweet, caramel and ripe taste and Ambros has set out to do something splendid with this popular fruit and whiskey.

They promise us no artificial flavors, no fruit concentrates, just 100% pure Bananas. So if you can't get enough of this fruit, snap up a bottle and go bananas, we say! It happens to be perfect for a mid-morning pick-me-up.

The taste is reminiscent of a South American earthy holiday where the rain dripped off the banana trees. Tropical, fruity and earthy, kickstart festivities with something different from the usual affair.


Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Aged Whiskey


Price: $60 approx for 750 ml

At this price point, you're buying paradise in a bottle.

Order from our website, then hide the burly bottle under your coat and rush to the countryside. Uncle Nearest isn't meant for the homesteads. It's meant to be quaffed in the wild outdoors of Tennesse, from where it came. Wild, secret, and free.

Earthy, mellow and ripened tastes are what you'll get from this drink. Hay, grass, corn, all the goodness of earth comes distilled into one bottle. The fruit notes are of apricot and peach, along with sweet maple.

Strangely, in the mouth, you get the taste of oatmeal raisin cookies. The finish is long and rich. Perfect for the beginning of spring.

And it's the perfect embodiment of black heritage. Sample in tribute.

Balcones Texas Single Malt Whiskey 'Special Release'

Price: $70 approx for 750 ml

A fledgling in the whiskey world, Balcones took America by storm in 2009 with their spectacular range of crafted whiskey creations. This "special release" comes in a stout bottle with the colors and tones of a moody sunset.

The taste is maddeningly piquant. With undertones of sautéed pears and ripe fruits, there is that oh-so-tender feel of toasty malt. Perfect for a day when championing the next generation of whiskey makers is recommended, kick off your shoes, lay back to admire the setting sun and raise a toast to the ruddy Texas.

The Matsui Single Malt The Peated Japanese Whiskey



Price: $90 approx for 750 ml

The soft mountain water forms the base from which "The Peated" is made. Kurayoshi Distilleries situated between Osaka and Hiroshima are master Japanese artisans when it comes to making whiskeys, and they don't disappoint with this bottle.

The "Great Wave" picture on the label is the perfect visual encapsulation of the wave of tastes you get from this whiskey. Grass, cocoa, jellied fruits, red apple, ginger, and orange are some of the notes you'll take away. The finish has tastes of peat smoke and fresh apples.

Relish slowly for the perfect Oriental tribute to whiskey.


Aberlour A'bunadh Scotch Whiskey 750ml

Price: $96 for 750 ml

The Scots make the best whiskey. Who agrees? Pretty much everyone!

If you are still undecided about it, this offering from Aberlour is a creation that will have you tilting to the idea that the Scots were onto something special after all.

It has flavors of mixed spice, spiced orange and praline. The best part, however, is the richness of Oloroso Sherry. On the palate, you will get black cherries, orange, ginger and dried fruits. The insidious taste of chocolate is also discernable, along with oak and sherry. Atrociously good, as one might say!

These were our recommendations for International Whiskey Day! We've got a whole lot more available on our website, so check them out. You'll be pleasantly surprised to discover what whiskey makers are up to today!

Let's raise a toast to these flavorful amber spirits!


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by Karen Divya Shekar on June 23, 2021

Almost getting a whiff of all the flavours and a taste of the spirit even as one reads.

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