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Ten of the Best Liqueurs to Enjoy in the Autumn

by Yajush Sharma
It’s that time of the year when the holiday season is around the corner. The days are coming to a quicker close, while the nights are growing longer. A slight wintery nip is perceptible in the air, and the leaves fall in accordance with the changing rhythms of the season. 
Autumn brings back pleasant memories of the rush of spring and the spontaneity of summer. 
Now the time has come to burrow into a cozy corner and sneak your toes under a warm duvet while sipping on some of the best liqueurs available. 
It’s National Liqueur Day on October 16th, and to celebrate both the season and the liqueurs, we’ve come up with a list of the ten best ones you can drink on that day and after. 
For the uninitiated, liqueurs are spirits mingled with the essence of fruits, herbs, nuts, coffee, or cream. They are not aged for very long but are allowed to rest so that the flavors mix thoroughly. They usually bring a note of sweetness to taste - with some of the best liqueurs used for centuries as medicinal tonics.
We’ve got a mixed bag of delights for you. Try them out. 
1. Campari
A recipe so secret that it’s only known by the factory manager of Campari, this carmine concoction is another offering from the shoe-boot land of Italy. It’s supposed to have rhubarb and orange as well as some herbs, which is a well-kept secret.
Its color, though, comes from the dried bodies of cochineal insects. 
Campari is a perfect ingredient for cocktails. Try a Negroni or Americano made from this blood-red Italian sweetheart. Or if you like, just go straight up!
2. Cointreau L’Unique
The liqueur for infamous cosmopolitans and margaritas - Cointreau is made from the skins of bitter and sweet oranges. It’s delectable in taste and perfectly complements autumn’s offerings of ripened fruits and bountiful harvest. Invite a couple of girlfriends over and serve them the amalgamation while raising a quiet toast to the end of a bittersweet year.
3. Luxardo Limoncello Liqueur
Sunshine yellow in color with a refreshing smell of lemons - this liqueur has its origins in the southern part of Italy. Sorrento lemons are soaked in rectified spirits until the essential oils ooze out. Then a simple syrup is added to the mix and voila! Limoncello is formed. Make Bourbon Tea using this in the place of lemon juice. 
 4. Luxardo Maraschino Originale
Distilled from Marasca cherries growing along the Dalmatian coast, Maraschino is used in a lot of popular cocktails like the Last Word, Hemingway Special, and Casino. It’s got a bitter dry taste and doesn’t let cherries overpower its subtle flavors. Enjoy it with a piece of cherry cake or even with a dish of canned ones –it’s the taste of summer preserved in nostalgic autumn. 
5. Giffard Crème de Cacao
Chocolaty, with a hint of vanilla, this liqueur engulfs you in the warm embrace of decadent cocoa. It got its origins as a medicinal concoction but is now making a comeback as a popular addition to many cocktails. Try it neat, or on the rocks with ice, to get a hit of the rich chocolate flavor. 
6. Amaro Montenegro
Made from a blend of herbs like marjoram, oregano, coriander, alongside sweet and bitter oranges, this drink is flavorful and chock full of goodness for your health. Cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg are among some of the other spices used to craft this unique bottled potion. Enjoy either as a cocktail or straight up. 
7. Almondair Almond Crème Liqueur
Chocolate, almond, and vanilla are the trinity of components that teases your taste buds in this dairy and gluten-free, vegan delicacy. Mull over it or sip it slowly while devouring a moist piece of almond cake. 
Sheer perfection!
8. Ancho Reyes Chile Ancho Liqueur 
From the hot country of Mexico comes this spicy beauty full of depth, with high notes of heat from vibrant ancho chilies. It’s used extensively in popular cocktails like the Daiquiri, Margarita, or the Paloma. Relish it over some tacos or Mexican rice. 
Experience euphoric delight with every sip.
9. Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur
Crazy popular among all circles – this rich liqueur carries notes of vanilla and caramel. It’s used in a number of cocktails and dessert items and tastes wonderful when poured into tea or coffee. If there is any drink perfect for autumn, this Irish cream is the one!
10. Brinley Gold Shipwreck Coconut Cream
While it has that subtle flavor of coconuts that uplifts any cocktail, it is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks, sans any additions (except maybe a little rum). Perfect for unwinding after a long hard day, it brings up memories of a night spent in the Caribbean.
 The list isn’t in any particular order because they’re all winners in their field!
Some of these drinks are classics, while others might be new to you. Either way, enjoy them over dinner, lunch, or a late brunch!  
Happy drinking!
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