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Tequila Bucket List – Your Guide to Try Out Mexico’s Best!

by Yajush Sharma
Close your eyes. Feel the warmth of the summer sun on your skin. Smell the earth’s fresh scent. Down a shot of tequila. Taste its sting. Awaken with senses refreshed!




 Whether aged (Reposado and Añejo) or not (Blanco), the liquid gem that is tequila will attack your taste buds in a way that will figuratively transport you to a Mexican field full of sweet agave shrubs. 

Moisten your lips with salt, take a shot, and then swab the lime across your teeth.

 Once this holy trinity of salt, lime, and tequila anoints your mouth with its bitter aftertaste, you will realize the sweetest truth—as if you could ever be separated from this rebellious potion.

Mexico’s most treasured and famous offering—the tequila—doesn’t have to be the ungainly drink of frat parties and twenty-somethings’ get-togethers. It has the flair to become famous as a thinking gentleman’s staple, or the favored tipple of a heartbroken woman who will be loved. 

Tequila can be dressed in plenty of ways. 

It can be mixed with a variety of fruit juices to make Margaritas or a classic Tequila Sunrise. It can also be sipped by itself, on the rocks or neat. 

Read on to know more about the many different brands of tequilas, so you can relish the best drink Mexico has to offer.

Don Julio 1942


A man about the world looking for a deep, rich, sweet-smelling, after-lunch drink has found his match in the Don Julio 1942. With just a smidgeon of vanilla and a smattering of lingering warm oak, this tequila variant is quite a pricy añejo. Is the experience worth the price tag? You be the judge, but our recommendation is affirmative.

Price - $199.99 for 750ml


Gran Patron



Sometimes in life, there comes a moment when it is simply worth dropping around four hundred dollars for a bottle of tequila. Make sure that the moment merits it though. Gran Patron from the Patron brand of tequila manufacturers is the drink to serve as the accompaniment for this caliber of merriment and unabashed enjoyment. 

Feel its smooth taste—the smoothest for tequila—thanks to its long aging time, and gratify your sense of accomplishment. 

Price – $189.99 for 750ml





The mature man or woman about the world will find a palate-stimulating drink with the Cincoro Añejo. Having hints of caramel and butterscotch, and infused with fruity shades of fig, orange, and date, this añejo is a deep brownish shade of amber. 

Raise a toast to an old buddy, or enjoy a quiet night in with your spouse, this priceless libation may set you back a lot; but it will be worth celebrating the serener moments of life with just a glassful of it.

Price - $129.99 for 750 ml


Jose Cuervo De La Familia Extra Añejo


The family brand of Jose Cuerva serves up very ineffable tequila in the form of this particular drink. Made from the blue agave, this extra-añejo variety, is crafted as per a secret family recipe handed down generations. Rare and for the rarer still, enjoy it with the love of your life, or with the memories of one.

Price - $139.99 for 750ml


 Clase Azul Reposado


A collector’s delight, the Clase Azul Reposado comes in specially designed bottles which are both hand-crafted and painted. An entire town in Mexico is involved in the process of bringing this tequila to your table. Enjoy the luscious taste of these tequilas in both reposado and añejo varieties. Introduce them to your grown-up children as one of the finer drinking pleasures of life. 

They will thank you for it.

Price - $179.99 for 750ml



Teremana is not your shmancy tequila. A drink for a large gathering of friends and family, this one is for the masses. Without pinching your pocket, enjoy it over brunch, or a high-school reunion, or simply with the guys. This everyman’s tequila in the Blanco and Reposado varieties is a certified crowd-pleaser. 

Price - $34.99 (Reposado) and $29.99 (Termana Blanco) for 750ml



In these bottles or just a couple of their ounces, the entire flavor and essence of Mexico lie sealed up. Unseal it then, and unleash on your tongue a sensational piquancy. The various notes and tones of these brands will cavort with your taste buds, and thrill you with the pleasure that downing a shot of tequila brings.




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