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Tequila Forever! Celebrate X’Mas with These Shots at Your House Party

by Liquor Wine Time


Tequila has long been the go-to drink for the young and the restless, the bold and the beautiful at parties, pubs, impromptu get-togethers and what-have-you. 

That’s because tequila is one of those drinks that can be enjoyed without too much fuss and, best of all, contains between 35 and 55-per cent alcohol, meaning that it ‘works’ quickly if you get the reference!

Now, Christmas 2020 will be somewhat of a morose affair for many people around the world. 

With so many lives lost, economies hurled into insulated abysses, unemployment figures touching all-time highs and no sign of any immediate recovery in the near future, even the Yuletide spirits seem to have taken a beating.

But do not let that get to you. 

We have curated a list of the most fashionable, trending and easy-to-prepare tequila cocktail shots, which you can enjoy in the confines of your home. 

Socially-distanced drinking is in, you know.

And now for the tequila cocktail shots…

Here are 4 classic tequila shots that should ring in the Yuletide spirits. These concoctions are nothing less than the famous magic potion of the druid Getafix from the classique comics starring the Gauls Asterix, Obelix and their cohorts.

These tiny glasses of fun will, in effect, clean your clock. Reset them!

1. Just for Fun

If you are new to tequila, try out something fruity and light that punches above its own weight and can pound for pound take on almost all cocktail shots.

Purists might shake their heads in amazement and disbelief if they hear of a fruity cocktail with a tequila base, but get these ingredients and the method right, and you will definitely feel the heat this Christmas!


-Lychee Tequila shots

Often called the ‘crouching tiger’ for its sudden onslaught, it is a remarkably easy cocktail to prepare. Perfect for a DIY-Christmas get-together. 

You have the best of both worlds - the haymaker of the tequila and the exotic taste of fresh lychee juice. 


  • 3/4th oz of lychee liqueur or thick, fresh juice.
  • Equal quantity of tequila.


  • Shake these 2 ingredients with lots of ice in a pre-chilled mixer of medium size. Strain into shot glasses and serve.

Pro tip: This one tastes and smells so good that you might be tempted to have a series of shots. Drink responsibly, kids!

You can also use lime wedges as garnishing and some lychees for bites between sips.



2. Getting Bolder

We now head slightly deeper into the rabbit hole and come across something that’s hardly a party regular, but would definitely add that oomph factor to your celebrations.

-Apocalypse Now

There is plenty of confusion over why this unusual drink is named after the movie, but there is no room for doubt on one aspect - this is a mighty strange, one-of-a-kind tequila cocktail shot that can soothe even the most experienced palates. 

If Bruce Wayne tried out tequila cocktail shots, he would probably have gone for this one. 

It’s bold, bizarre and immensely rewarding. A good night spent, as the Caped Crusader would have remarked!


  • ½ oz each of tequila, dry vermouth and Irish Cream.


It’s remarkably simple - take everything and pour it into a pre-chilled mixer. Shake till your arms ache and strain into shot glasses. 

Best had with some good ole’ Beatles playing in the background. However, as you progress, don’t be surprised if you end up dancing to thumping EDM beats.

Pro tip: Use a bar spoon’s back to gently let the cream float over the mixture.



3. The Story on Page 3

So you think you can take anything tequila can throw at you? Let’s see you dodge this curveball!

- Tequila Slammer

This is one of the oldest Gods of the Pantheon of tequila cocktails and shots. It’s nothing but some Blanco and a bit of ginger ale. However, what it does later is how the word slammer came into the picture. It’s a freight-train of a drink, and you must try it at least once.

It’s that time of the year, after all!!


  • 1 oz each of tequila, lemon-lime soda and ginger ale.


  • Add all the ingredients into an old-fashioned whiskey glass and add ice. Carefully cover it with your palm and a couple of paper napkins and bring the glass down hard on the counter! You will immediately notice the carbon dioxide fizz of the soda working its way up against gravity to escape. 

Don’t let it! Drink it up as fast as you can and enjoy a bubbly punch of tequila and the ale. It is an excellent choice if you and your gang are looking to get sloshed quickly!

Pro-tip: Unlike the standard salt-lemon slammer, this is more cosmopolitan and worldly-wise. You can add about ½ oz of Reposado too and savor an unusual taste.

Just like something that fits right on Page 3 of a gossip tabloid.



4. The “Can we see some ID” Stuff

This is a tipping point. Ease it down at your own risk, for although the drink is a bolt of lightning, the results are spectacular.


-3-Shot Cocktail- Bandera and Sangrita

This is a 3-in-1 drink that comes in 3 glasses. It is supposed to be drunk in the order of the colors of the Mexican flag.


  • White part- 1 oz tequila
  • Green part-Fresh lime juice, sugar and some Reposado.
  • Red part-Sangrita plus orange and fresh lime juice.


  • Just pour in the white, green and red parts in 3 separate glasses and gulp them down in that order.

Pro-tip: If you are driving, don’t! This thing is liquid dynamite, and as you know, dynamites can explode on sudden braking.

Nope, just kidding! Do not drive after you’ve had a 3-shot. 


Keep drinking lots of water as you gulp down any (or all) of these 4 magique overtures. It will keep you hydrated and ward off hangovers the next morning.

On a parting note, we request you to drink responsibly and wish you a memorable Christmas.

And remember: take care of your elders, the environment and the tequila!

Why, you ask? That such a sinful and yet colorless liquid exists is proof that God loves us.

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