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The Rum Diaries—What’s Trending in the World of Rums?

by Yajush Sharma


Rums have been ignored for far too long in the drinking world, and that’s just not done. They might be a favorite when it comes to mixing cocktails but have been overlooked when it comes to sipping by themselves. 

It’s smoky, smooth, and goes down like a dream. 


A Brief Note on Rums

The primary ingredient for rums is molasses from sugarcane. The drink is then aged in the exact same oak barrels as whiskey was once aged and a variety of flavors are infused in it - ranging from banana to lime.

Rum that is aged is filtered through charcoal to get rid of the strong hint of oak, and that end-product is referred to as white rum. Dark rum retains more of the oak tannin flavor. 

Now, let’s take a look at the 7 top-rated rums that are earning rave reviews for their flavor, depth, and surreal taste. 




From Trinidad and Tobago comes a rum that is as throbbing and vivid as its country of origin - the Amaro di ANGOSTURA. It’s got chili, cinnamon, clove, and cardamom notes that cavort with your taste buds. The medley of these flavors creates a unique first-taste that will remain etched in your memory forever.

Dream of warm Caribbean nights punctuated by a gusty sea breeze and enjoy this drink in the heat of summer with ice; to be transported to the island nation of its origins. 

Aromatically, it is quite a lavish feast for the senses—it’s got the scent of cardamom, clove, and cinnamon as well as black pepper. A minuscule hint of fresh, zesty orange is also discernible as the aroma ends its fantastic display. 

Price – Around $30 for 750ml




Admiral Rodney HMS PRINCESSA

Named after a Spanish vessel captured by the British fleet, the HMS PRINCESSA was a favored battleship at the Battle of Cape St. Vincent. Similarly, its bottled embodiment captures the taste buds with its full-bodied and spicy flavors. 

Bearing pleasant aromas of apple, treacle, orange, vanilla, and other ingredients, the rum is deep golden to mahogany in shade. The Chinese toffee banana is what sets this rum apart from others. Think autumn with a smattering of winter, logs by the fire, and a glass of HMS PRINCESSA in hand. Toasty comfort. 

Price – Around $60 for 750ml


Balcones Texas Rum Special Release

Aged in French, European, and American oak barrels, this special edition rum has got points of mellow fruit tones and deep flavors. Vanilla and caramel are the secondary notes in this rum’s flavor profile. Distilled twice in copper pots, the liquor is viscous in every mouthful. 

Enjoy over ice and sip slowly. The winter that’s coming just got an antidote in this special release bottle. Raise a toast to life! 

Price – Around $65 for 750ml




Admiral Rodney HMS ROYAL OAK

The second rum from Admiral Rodney’s fleet, this lovely drink is infused with the same courageous and bold flavors as its battleship counterpart. It’s got the notes of prunes, raisins, oak, and tropical spices. Aged in American white oak Bourbon barrels, the rum is given between seven and twelve years to build its flavor. 

And how impressive is that flavor profile! 

At the vanguard of its taste profile are sweet sultana fruit, tobacco, and chocolate, followed by vanilla from the oak, ending on a high of caramel and spice. The HMS ROYAL OAK comes highly rated and can be a suitable present for other rum aficionados this Christmas. 

Price – Around $80 for 750ml


Angostura Cask Collection No 1 Oloroso Sherry Rum

Another benefaction from the Angostura family, this is a perfectly well-rounded rum. It primarily tastes of sherry with cinnamon, with hazelnut, chestnut, oak and dried fruit as the unmuted additions. 

Medium-bodied—it could be the right choice to introduce the beginners. Rich and sweet in taste, partake of it over ice, and relish the subtler notes of this gem. It needs no accompaniments except for a gentle night and the bright Caribbean full moon. 

Price – Around $120 for 750ml


Appleton Estate 21 Year Jamaica Rum

Aged for 21 years in American oak barrels, this rum is a splendid offering from the Appleton Estate. A real Jamaican beauty - partake of this rum on a winter’s day, and mull for hours over its nutty flavor profile complemented by vanilla, pepper, marmalade, and chocolate. The epiphany at the end of a sip is life-exulting. 

On the mouth, it’s thick and nutty, with tastes of cocoa, Demerara sugar, and stewed fruit. You’ll find the bottle too easy to finish.

Price – Around $140 for 750ml






Bacardi Superior

The white rum that made Bacardi famous all over the world is still a firm favorite with rum aficionados today. Infused with citrus, coriander, and ginger flavors, the rum is usually used profusely in cocktails. We also recommend sip it by itself and re-discover the blend of unique notes. 

It’s got the right combination of almonds and vanilla taste points and goes down with a smooth finish. Relish it with friends and family. 

Price – Around $16 for 750ml



If you still haven’t jumped on the rum bandwagon yet, do so now! Broaden your horizons and enjoy the new, rich taste that rum brings to the table. Even if you take baby steps, do take time to explore the world of rums, it will leave you mesmerized. 


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