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Don Lorenzo Sierra Negra Mezcal

Don Lorenzo Sierra Negra Mezcal

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Don Lorenzo Sierra Negra Mezcal

Both Palenques represent 3 generations producing mezcal in the traditional methods.
boasting generations of zapotec tradition combined with a slight touch modern mechanical and chemical engineering. I do believe this is what gives all of our mezcals a cleaner less smokey profile. enabling you to taste the difference in the specific agaves

Sustainability, Harvesting and replanting agaves in various remote regions of Oaxaca.
A true cultural Zapotec tradition,Taking care of the land which in turn takes care of them.

Agave’s are baked in a conical stone lined pit oven. Cooking fuel is red oak. Cooking times vary depending on the agave species. Agave’s are mashed to ease agave sugar extraction with a traditional hand chiseled Cantera stone tahona.
The agave is rested after cooking. Native natural terroir influenced yeast begin the fermentation. Sourced mountain spring water or deep well water added to mash to accelerate the alcohol producing mash.
Fermentation time is dependent on the species of agaves and the air temperature. Double distillation is done small copper pot stills.
Heads and tails are discarded only the heart of distillation is used. No water is ever added to the final distillate. Still strength only. This produces
a very clean flavor profile. Making the individual agave profiles shine.
Executing all these methods of simple production precisely, is a generational art form

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